Custom domain .app + ssl

Hi all.
i’m going to buy a domain name .app
it’s force me to buy a ssl support.

didn’t find.
is it possible to put ssl certificate to Glide project?
or it will be a useless spending?


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Meaning an https?

For what it’s worth, I bough a .app domain from godaddy and SSL was included


It’s mainly for the browser to detect that your site is a secured domain. Glide or not does matter. But it helps with user using your app. Correct me if wrong.

it’s mean i don’t need to do any other thing that connect domain?

I’m struggling with the same… The issue is that if you want glide app to be on the root domain ( then you need to put the certificate where the app is hosted. But as far as I see, Glide doesn’t provide such option…
So it looks like using .app domain, requires to have a host site somewhere with wilcard SSL certificate and publish glide app to the subdomain (
I will probably check this option with card - landing page there with info about the app and then link to glide app on the subdomain.
A bit complicated and a pity that you cannot put a Glide app on a root domain and secure it with SSL (https)…

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yeah you can. I have plenty of Apps deployed using a root domain, all with SSL.
I don’t know exactly how the SSL part of it works, I just know it does work. I guess I’ve always assumed that the domain hosting provider takes care of the certificate :man_shrugging:

Hmm, OK, thx, then I need to dig a bit deeper. But thanks for letting us know that there are apps like that and it can be done :wink:

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i buy a domain name and ssl from registrator.
finally get info, that i didn’t have to buy ssl. well ok.

in this way my question is closed (i guess).
have other problem with www subdomain. go to check thread

I have the same problem. I’m not seeing a workaround. It’s specific to the .app subdomain. Stumped.

I got it to work. I don’t know how, but I think there may be a delay for Glide’s SSL connecting to the servers involved.