Troubles with my domain/sub-domain settings

Hi there,

i’m having troubles with configuring my domain pointing to my app.

This is the situation:
The Glide app runs on the domain If I enter the url the app appears as expected. So far so good. At this point the app is not reachable under a subdomain or whatever.

Note: On my domain there is another website running under a subdomain. It’s pointed to a server with a CNAME (

This is what i hope to achieve:
I need my app to be reachable in different circumstances / subdomains:

In particular the subdomain www is imported to me.

This is my setup:
HOST: TYPE: A DATA: ip address given by Glide
HOST: TYPE: TXT DATA: xxxexxxxxxxxxxwx [Glide key]


After 24h i alway get this error:
This site cannot provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

unsupported protocol.
The client and server do not support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.

I don’t use Cloudflare DNS on this domain. However on one of my other domains i use cloudflare and i’m having the same difficulties.

Please assist because i’m in a urgent need of the sub-domains.

Regards, Ronald