Custom action not working properly

I have a custom action on add a new item (Requests sheet) which has two columns, pickup (type boolean in Glide table) and pickup option (type text in Glide table)

In the form there is a checkbox for pickup, based on when it is checked or not, I need to populate pickup option column in Google Sheet with different text.

In my custom action (as shown below) I have two paths based on pick up value (I am assuming pick will be TRUE if user selects the checkbox on form else it will be FALSE, I hope this assumption is correct), I am first adding a row and then updating the value of pickup option, using set column.

With this action, first of all two identical records are being added (looks like condition is being ignored) and Set column is not setting the value for pick up option.

Am I not using the custom action in the right way?

Just wanted to provide some additional context. I need to have pickup option column in Google sheet (not just Glide table) as my Zap needs to use that value in an email message.

Try to change the True condition to 1 and see if it works. Boolean values are acting a bit oddly in actions — at least for me!

Lowercase ‘true’ might be something to try too if ‘1’ doesn’t working. I usually do my conditions with lowercase true and haven’t noticed any issues.

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I tried both 1 and lowercase true and neither of them worked.

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So I have identified the issue is not with if logic but with the set columns action. It is not updating the column value. I wonder if that is a bug as mentioned in this post Set column doesn't update GSheet - #14 by Mns_Glide . Also duplication was caused by Add row in my custom action. The data from the form is already added to Sheet, by the time you come in custom action. Once I took add row action out, no more duplicate rows. Can any of Glide experts @Jeff_Hager @eltintero ?? or Glide support comment on set columns issue?

Do you have video of your scenario? Maybe as you build out the action?

I wrote a small test app to replicate the issue. Check it out

and here is a link to Video Glide test app

BTW Glide support has acknowledged this as a bug because of the way they create record in GSheet, it cannot be immediately followed by updating a column in the same row. The fix may not come soon. BTW I have implemented a fix in GSheet using IF and ARRAYFORMULA which does the job for me.