Custom action for submit form not working properly

I’m facing an issue with submit form custom action when using set column and add row
It doesn’t take the full info from the same row

Can you include some screenshots or a video here? Thank you.

Here is a video of the issue

So from the item list, you have an add row action to bring that to the Cart, then from the cart you use a form (because I see the “Submit” button) to add the Cart items to Order?

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Yes , exactly .

May I ask why do you need a custom action on top of the form from Cart to Order?

Because it’s even when I used the default action (submit form normally) the same thing happened

In the orders screen, do you have any filters? (The screen that holds the form button)

Only this filter

Seems like you’re viewing inside the form. I mean on the tab level (STORES) do you have any filters?

Only this one

Btw the shopping cart is just a floating button I haven’t made it as a tab

Your “Name” is not empty might make it not attached to a row, I assume. Can you try removing that filter and test the flow again?

Ok I will try it out tomorrow
Thank you for the advice

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still now working but I will create a new tab for the cart

Have you got this working by now?

Actually yes but I have another issue it’s not a bug but I have to make a button that compile multiple rows into one row

But now I’m facing another issue (2 issue in custom action page) I will upload the video soon in another thread

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You can use a join text column for this.

I will try it out thanks :white_heart:

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