Add row without returning to main tab

Is there a good way to approach adding items to a row without being returned to the main tab. I’d like to add a row and then consecutively clear values and add another without having to go back and click through again

use custom action…

Thanks again. Appreciate the good and quick feedback

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I ran into the same snag…it’s creating multiple rows…the right row and one that is blank (which is from clearing values) but still duplicating when a row is added.

Maybe I don’t need the first add row?

What exactly are you trying to do?

Trying to add an item to a shopping list after selecting the list to add to. Using the card list and then custom action from selecting a shopping list.

this is an inline list showing what is in the list and uses a form to add another item to the list.

this is a form… so it will create a new row… then you are adding 2 more rows with custom action… that’s 3 new rows…
are you trying to add items by clicking list? then you don’t need to use form

what would i use instead?..i forget how I got to that solution but not married to it

would i use the above solution there?

use a “show new screen” action… not form… and after adding a new row … add go back action

ahhh - that is a bit cleaner

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