Action: If this then that issue

Hi all,

Please see the below flow and advise what I am doing wrong?

Currently, when I execute an “add to cart” button, it’s creating two identical line items in the table (so it’s exciting both functions) and I dont know why.

Any advice?

It’s not possible for multiple branches of an action to be triggered.
If you look in the run log, you will see which branch was called.

How is the action triggered?

I don’t suppose it is a Form onSubmit action, is it?

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Yeah it is a form action.

Forms already add a row when you click on the submit button. That is the purpose of a form. Any additional On Submit actions run AFTER the row had been added via the form. Sounds like you have a redundant action that is adding the same thing that the form itself is already adding.

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That makes a lot of sense :smiley: Thank!

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