Current Date/Time

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if this is just how current date/time special value input works. I have a pro subscription for my “Attendance App”. Some users would change their mobile device’s date and time for them to be early, and it reflects on the back end. I thought that using the special value input would get the date and time from the server. Is there a way to make use of the server’s time or atleast google’s time without using appscript.

Thank you very much!

Special Value takes Device Date/Time so that works like that. You can probably try using Array and if formula to check date/time is empty then insert date else let it be what it is.See if this fits in your requirement. Only drawback is it doesn’t updates later on.

Add this in the Header of the Column(E in this case)
={“DateTime”;ARRAYFORMULA(if(E2:E="",Now(), E2:E))}