Posting in the future

My app’s URL:

People do a challenge in the app and they post their results. They do this from all over the world.
Since the start of this challenge round, I’ve had some people posting in the future (1 hour in the future).

Does anyone know why this happens? Have others seen similar things? I would assume the time used is the server time,… so maybe some servers have the wrong time zone?

It’s my understanding that the date and time that comes from the date time special value is the date and time on the user’s device. Not a server time or UTC, like the app: Logins sheet.

:frowning: ok so, in that case, I should make my own Date Created solution? How do you deal with it?

In my case I prefer the user’s time as the data and time is specific to only them, so I haven’t had to work around it. Your best bet would be some sort of script that fills in a date whenever a new post is created and added to the sheet. That or make the user store their UTC offset in their profile and do the math in the sheet.