Curbside Dining Options

I created this quick and simple app for those in my area that are trying to figure what restaurants have take out, curbside or delivery services. The database spreadsheet was actually created by Cabarrus Magazine, so I just used their data and gave them credit for it.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations let me know. I’m pretty limited on the data as they have the spreadsheet as read only.


Looks great @Mike_Noftzger. Built something similar for my local Milwaukee market. Has over 1,100 users already (launched on Saturday 3/21) and I’ve been helping contacts throughout the U.S. build one for their community. San Diego and Columbus are live and I believe 5+ are in the works.

Here’s mine:

Yours looks great! I wish I could gain access to the database to add some things, but unfortunately, they have been responsive to my request. Any suggestions on mine?

Why not just edit your database to add things as needed?

I took all my listings from multiple local publishers and facebook groups that were created. It’s a crisis, so I’m not concerned who gets the credit. :wink:

I’d look at adding a few tabs with information about the app and a place for users to submit new listings.

Question for you! I’ve added a “home” tab and have my image showing, but it’s also showing the source up above the actual image. How can I remove that?

Would you mind sharing a screen shot of your app?
I think that maybe you have a TITLE component instead of an IMAGE component…
But would be better if we can take a look

I figured it out.

Thank you!

Fantastic, please add it here: