Create tabs from existing custom pages

Hi all,
I’m trying to create new tabs for my app from existing custom pages. Right now when I go to Layout and click the plus sign, I’m only given options to create a tab from “screen from data” or “custom screen”, but I already have some custom screens that I would like to make tabs. Is this possible?


Native tabs… no, but you can create a button menu to take you to the custom screens.

Got it. Can I create components that go to custom screens – if I didn’t like the look of buttons? I haven’t been able to figure that out either. Alternatively, it sounds like I would have to create a new tab and then recreate my custom pages. Does that sound right?

Yes, that would be a good option. You can go to each screen, copy all the elements, and paste to the new tab.
And… you can always create your own buttons using HTML… so they look exactly the way you want…

I have a sample on my page:

You could create a new Custom Screen as a tab, and then copy/paste all the components from your existing custom screen. As long as you keep the same source table, that should work.

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You’re both rock stars! Thanks. I’ll try the copy and paste technique.

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You have 2 options… copy element and copy all

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It seems to have worked, but I lost the go back arrow in the upper left corner of the app on the new custom pages. Is there a way to get that back?

A tab is a top level screen. Top level screens have nothing to go back to because there is nothing above them.

Ah. Thanks. I thought they would route back to the home page.

You can add button to do that

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Clicking in the page header area always takes you back to the first tab.

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Users might not know that :wink:

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