Covid self-testing app for employees

Let me say from the start that I have far too many apps that can do similar things related to forms and questionnaires…

But, since I love Glide, I’m hoping it will fill my needs, first and foremost.

As this is clearly a global issue, I’m hoping this can be a community effort for all to share, and monetize, if one so chooses.

Here’s the task.

Employees at one of a million businesses need to fill out a paper form each day before entering the workplace. The self-diagnosis is purported to verify that they are momentarily risk-free for Covid.

This allows companies to open under such restrictions and also limits corporate liability if one person infects the entire staff.

Here’s an example from our provincial government.

I suspect it’s very similar globally.

I’d like to have employees fill in the entrance form online prior to coming to work and also keep a searchable record/database of all answers.

I’d also like to see potential customers coming to a non-retail environment be able to fill it out prior to entering the business, perhaps by having them scan a QR code and filling out the quiz prior to entry to a manufacturing facility. ie. give me a clearance code number to gain access to the premises.

I know that I’m making something simple very complex, but I feel the community is up to the challenge.

I’ve been assigned the task, and will get paid for my efforts, but I could sure use some tips and insight in exchange for seeing the concept become available to other members.


I’m currently using this for our organization, minus the customer filling it out portion. The app allows one entry per employee per day and resets at midnight every day. I’m working on a template with row owners to make it more secure — I had a version up for download in the template store but removed it since it didn’t comply with new security measures.

Clearly I am six months behind the curve. I see that your use case is domain restricted, but have to question whether your image is based entirely on your app, or is a screen-shot of a web page that explains the app.

I should know this, but am blinded by your skills and somehow now far more fearful of the task before me.

I find myself teetering on the desire to learn more against the need to deliver. I think I have a solution though.

Can I buy your app and modify it to my needs and expect lifetime support and upgrades? Ha.

But seriously, I need what you have already built. It might take weeks to modify it to my client’s needs but it’s like rounding off the corners on square wheels as opposed to going to the quarry and mining feasible material.

Haha all good. I hope to have my new version in the template store by Monday (or at least submitted by then).

The image I posted is just a flyer I made with the various screens staff will encounter in the app. This is posted at all our entrances to remind staff to check in every morning.

If you buy the template, it should be pretty self-explanatory and easy to modify. I would, however, offer support if you get it!

I hope to put in the template store for a pretty cheap cost considering the need and issue it is helping to resolve. Likely $10 or something like that.


So I guess the next question is “Will it create a database/GS of responses that can be accessed from a back-end admin level?”

Will it send an email alert when someone fails the test? Will it advice respondents on what to do based on their answers?

I ask these questions not just for myself, but to clarify the value of your app and to point out the need for any enhancements that will fill all possible requirements.

Whenever I make an online comment I try to optimize it for SEO so that I can find it next month when I forget where the answer is.

Just to add to your point and Les’ question, I have done this type of apps many times for a client fairly recently.


So yes, all responses are recorded in the sheet for easy lookups. I also created a way to look at daily stats inside the app.

I didn’t configure email alerts, but I’m sure that could be done through Zapier pretty easily. We use our tool as a way for staff to check in, but if they fail, they are asked to contact their supervisor asap for more info and next steps (advise if testing is needed, etc).

If someone passes the form/test, they get a Thank You screen. If they fail, they get the STOP sign and message under it, as well as contact info for their supervisor.

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Hi @Les_Henderson, here’s a video of my new check-in template. Unfortunately, Glide doesn’t want any COVID-related templates in the template store, so I’d have to distribute this myself. If you’re interested, I’ll add it to my app and give it a cost that could be paid through Stripe (so Glide still gets a cut!). I’ll end up posting it for $14.99 in my app tomorrow.

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Sure, I’m happy to support your efforts and learn some new techniques. Do any of the features put in into Pro status?
I have already created a form for the task but the employer is having trouble getting them to fill even it in.
You say you will “add” this app to your own. Maybe I could do the same even though I have too many tabs as it is. Learning how would also be worth it.
So do let me know when you have it ready tomorrow and how to get it.

Happy Glide-aversary!

The only thing that may push it into a Pro app is the number of rows — this would depend on how many employees are submitting the form every day. I know at our organization, the row count would have been used up in less than a week, so if you want to use the app and avoid the need for a Pro account, you’d have to either create a script to move rows out of the app’s view, or manually remove old entries. I used to have to enable background refresh, but since Glide added the ability to check “if Today is today” within the editor, it doesn’t seem to be necessary for simple daily checks to ensure the correct date is displayed.

My app is just a showcase of the templates I’ve created and includes the ability to purchase the templates directly from the app. It’s just a cool way for me to show off what I’ve done and get people to buy directly from me, or through the Template Store if a link exists. For this app, there is no link to the template store, so it’s simply a purchase through Stripe in my app.

My app can be found here: