COVID-19 for Sports League

I am making an app for coaches to check in players at each practice but having problems with sheets to choices. I want the coach to choose his division where the players name will be populated to other questions… what is the formatting for that from sheets to data?

I’m not quite clear about this, can you share some drafts of what you want it to look like?

Sure and thanks …

So I think the structure should be.

A “Players” sheet where you have the players name and division.

In the screen where you want to put the form for questions, create a choice component pointing to a column where you have all unique divisions, and writing to a user-specific column.

Then in the second choice component, filter the players by the chosen division. This choice component writes to another user-specific column.

If the name is not listed, allow the user to use a text entry to write to that same second user-specific column.

Finally, when division & player entries are both not empty, show the form to answer questions writing to an “Answers” sheet., collecting the player’s name and email of the parent via columns component & special component, respectively.