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i have a sheet with a groupe( groupe1 , groupe2 , groupe3) and players (player1, player2, player3…), on adding form, i want when i choose group1 for exemple, it display only the players for selected group.
can you help please

Hola @adiboo_adib,

In this case I would create a sheet that has a column with the group names.

The a second sheet that has a column with the group names and a second column for the players name.

After that you need a multi relation on the group sheet that matches the the group column on the players sheet. Then show this relation inside the groups.

Let me make you an example.

Here you go

I hope it is what you’re looking for.


Hi it’s like a want but how when i want to add new player attatched for a specific catgeory?
Thanks for your exemple

Depending on how you’re filling out the player information, you need to make sure you give the group name.

Ex. If it is a form you need to request the group name in the form.

I hope that makes sense.

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Can i share with you the template to see how it work ? Thanks



Where is the group list that you mentioned earlier?

Group corrospond to catégorie and player correspond to joueurs, the first tab is the form that i use. Thanks

Hi Santiago
Have you seen the app ? Thanks


Yes, I have but it doesn’t look like you did what I showed you in the example made for you.

Have any suggestions or solutions thanks


the solution/suggestion is here: Displaying form - #3 by Santiago_Perez1

You just need to copy what I did in that app. If it is too difficult to follow DM me.

Work now thanks for your exemple Santiago. :smiley:

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