Write into separate Google Sheet tab

I am totally new to app creation and have never coded before. I am trying to create an app for a local youth sports team. I assist them 100% pro bono so no budget expect my own privat time/money.
So please excuse my basic questions but after several days of try&error and reading several topic do I still need help.
My goal is it to create an app that takes informations from a google sheet “Data” tab, presents it in the app, user picks from the different options available and submits its final choice then once he has picked all options.
The app should then write that back into the same sheet but into the second “Submission” tab. Each submit should fill a new row with timestamp.
My main issue is that I have worked with the choice component but I seem to make a basic error as it is not showing me in the WRITE TO field the option to pick the “submission” tab.

Is there any basic guide that I just have missed or any other guidance ?


Try adding a form screen, and set the target of the form to your Submissions table.


Thanks for your reply.
Gonna try that.