Count downloads and update without opening spreadsheet

Good morning people, everything fine? This ( is my first app and I need help in two situations …
First: I have a download section and would like to count how many times a particular image is downloaded. Is it possible?

Second: I searched the group, but I couldn’t find the solution. I have a “Devotional” tab and a spreadsheet with a Today () formula, but when the day comes, it doesn’t update in the app. Only updates if I open the spreadsheet … then yes updates.

Is there any way to update automatically if I have to keep opening the spreadsheet?

Your best bet in my opinion is to use a Google trigger to run a simple function overnight that could do whatever you want in regard to what your Today() formula is doing. Here is the Google Doc on Triggers, but there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube.

As for question 1, I did a quick google search on “file sharing site with download statistics” and came up with . I have never used them but it looks like it will do what you want and comes with 2gig of storage for a free account.

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