Glide Updates without activity?

Can someone tell me what is wrong with the updates 1.2k syncs without activity?

CleanShot 2023-08-19 at 15.34.40@2x

That means that one or more of your Apps are syncing with an external data source.
Which Data Sources are you using?

We are using Google Sheet as Databse, we have forumula there but that forumula only run if any row is updated or added.

Do you use any of the Google Sheet volatile functions in your formulas?

That is, any of: TODAY(), RAND(), RANDBETWEEN() or NOW()

Also, do you have Extra Sync mode enabled in Glide?

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No Such formula, and we never use extra sync it’s on normal

Okay, then I can’t explain that number of syncs, sorry.
Maybe somebody else will have an idea.

I agree with @Darren_Murphy. Chances are you have some sort of formula in your Google sheet that’s consistently updating your sheet and thus updating Glide via syncs.

Are you using scripts in your Google sheet?


Yes we have custom functions, but they only run when a row is updated.

So it’s an on change/on edit trigger? Can you check your logs to see if they run at all without changes/edits?