Could not syncing data from sheets

I am getting this “Reloading your spreadsheet took too long, so Glide aborted.” message again & again.
no one is responding from support, Now I don’t know what to do

Hi. Having the same problem on all of my apps since yesterday. I’ve sent a support ticket and waiting for response. This is something that happened some time ago and I’m sure people from Glide will resolve it as soon as possible. My assumption is that there are some issues with communication between Glide and Google servers. Just be patient. Stay well.


Hey @Siddhesh_Khot
I resolved my issue. I made a copy of my GS table and replaced my original table with that. Everything is fine now.
Maybe you should try.

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yes @Mozza my problem has solved just now. I haven’t done anything as per your suggestion & it got repaired automatically, anyway
Thanks Buddy :metal: