Sheet reload feedback loop

I’d like to start by saying you guys are awesome.

When experimenting, iterating, quickly I get bogged down by not knowing if Glide has successfully loaded Sheet changes. Sometimes its slow, sometimes it doesn’t refresh, sometimes I’ve done something wrong and need to tweak Sheets, etc. Point is I would love some feedback in Glide like “Latest reload was successful at 1:15:13 PM” or “Glide encountered an error on last reload attempt at 2:42:12 PM” or whatever. Anything to that effect would be very helpful so I have an idea what’s going on and what I should do next.

I’d like to conclude by saying you guys are awesome.

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Not sure if it’s exactly what you want, but there is a hidden metadata sheet in your Google spreadsheet that shows the last time glide polled for sheet updates. Won’t tell you if it was successful, but could be useful.

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