Could not load network resources for

**I can’t load my App. The following message is showed: “Could not load network resources”.

I have no Issues with Internet

**Expected Behaviour: **
What should happen? should look like this

** simply visit the link here **

I know Glide was having issues this morning. I can load both of those links (they look identical).

Are you still having issues?

Working normally for me now. Chrome on MacOS, Vietnam.

Thanks a lot. I also use Chrome on MacOS, but in Indonesia. it seems like this issue happens for a specific country only. still happening on my side

the issue is with this link :

did u try with this link ?

Yeah that one returns an error. Possibly you need to check the domain configurations to see if there are any problems on that end.

Hi, i’m from indonesia to.

I’ve been experiencing the same thing lately.

I have tried several ways to adjust from: browser, mobile phone, to network. but no significant effect.

The app can still be used, but i have to hit “retry” button or refresh the app for several times until the application page appears completely.
this is very annoying.

Is there an alternative solution i can do?

If you can reproduce it in a video, please send it to the support team so they can investigate.

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