Copying a free template is not materializing

Good Day

I need help. It has been 3 days of trying to copy a free template with no luck. I can not go past copying the link stage. I have changed browsers and laptops without winning.

Please help.

Hi, I also have the same problem. If someone can give us a solution.
Many thanks

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I too, am having this problem. I have tried reloading, logging in again. It just spins for hours.

@Hephz @Jerem_EGN @Willy_Felton Have any of you created glide accounts not using a gmail address?

No, I’m using my Gmail account for Glide.

Hi Jeff, I am not using a gmail address. I am using my company email address.

@Hephz My theory is that if you didn’t sign up with a gmail/google account, then you may be trying to copy a template that uses google sheets, so it may be having trouble making the copy since there is nowhere to place the google spreadsheet.

@Jerem_EGN That doesn’t answer the question for you though, so I’m not sure what your case may be.

In either case, it may be a question to ask Glide support, unless anybody from Glide see’s this and can chime in.

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I’ve had issues before because I wasn’t signed in. The process should redirect you to sign in first, but in my experience it doesn’t always know to do that. Like @Jeff_Hager mentioned, if it’s looking for a Google account and you either don’t have one for it to find, or if you’re not already signed in, then the process seems to timeout.


You must sign in with Google (not just using a Google/Gmail email address—you must actually use the Sign in with Google button, and not sign in via email) to copy templates.

For now, when you copy a template, it tries to put a Google Sheet in your Google account. If you did not sign into Glide via the Google sign-in button, this fails. We will handle this case better soon.


I get this as well. not all the time, but right now trying to copy the new My MoneyTree template and it just sits there as shown above…

Thank you Jeff, truly appreciate your help.

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Hi David
The sign-up and the copy process do not give google apps; however, when I attempted creating a new app, the option was available. I can now proceed. I used my Gmail account to your point and Jeff’s.

Thank you for your guidance.

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Many thanks for all the answers.
But in my case if I want to sign in it redirect me on my page with all the apps. When I want to choose an app to copy it it seems that I’m not Log in. But if I want to do it it redirect me to my Apps page.
Here is what I get :

I am on my App page and I want to copy a template so I go in “View All” section :

It redirect me on this page. It seems that I’m not Log in. If I want to log in it redirect me in the previous page.

If I proceed to copy the app it seems that it detect my Google account but nothing happen :

Many thanks

I am still having the problem. I have logged out and logged back in. I went to my non work personal google account and the same thing is happening. I took a video of me logging in and trying this process. I only videoed 1 min but it has been “processing” for 30 min at this point

Any help would be appreciated

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Alright, I have reported this to engineering to debug.

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Thank you, David.

Please keep us posted. I remain in the same position; I can only create new apps I still can’t copy.

I experienced the same thing :worried:

Hi David, this solution is not working on my end. I still can’t copy a template. Do you have any alternative solutions? Thank you.

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I also have same problem. I can not use copy template. Signing in with Google botton does not work.

Dear David I hope your team will solve this problem.

Welcome on board the community @Adachi ! We hope that you’ll enjoy being here.

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