Copy of App Does Not Release Old Storage After Deleting Records!

Hello, I need to do some apps based in an original design with some changes, the original app contains already over 700 records and therefore has been upgraded to a pro app.

In order to do a second app based on the first I copied it, including making NEW google sheets, and deleted most but 100 records to fit (with lots of slack) in the personal app (free) quota to be able to design it, test it and then upgrade it, the problem is it seems the storage space has not been released, and it is still asking to upgrade to paid version, something which I absolutely intend to do but not after designing it and testing it and get approval for the new subscription payment.

In the attached screen you can see the upgrade message and the new small Google Sheet.

Thanks in advance for any help!


I would give it some time…up to a day… for it to update. According to David, it should be immediate, but if not after a day I would probably contact glide support.

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I had to delete almost all records, refresh and wait a little and it finally released unused storage, thanks!!

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