Configure action/create new action not working

Hey there, I have run into a problem with the glide feature, ‘Create New Action’. When I click into the option, I enter into a blank screen and nothing happens, nor am I presented with any options, just blank. And it forces me to reload my app because nothing is happening. Does anyone else run into this problem? Or am I missing something? If anybody has any advice, this would be greatly appreciated. (Could it be that I am currently operating on the basic version)?

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That’s happened to me before. Your only solution is to delete the component that you’re using (button, etc), add a new component and then create a new action on that component.


Hmm, thanks for the feedback, but still, nothing. Even when I try creating a different app, or a tester of the sorts or try something I have already created, it consistently gives a blank screen and still, prompted to refresh or go back to sign in page.
It could be a user error.
Do I need the action already created within my glide table in order to connect and configure it into a button?

Could you share a video of the issue, and the steps you take that lead to it?

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