Canceling "Create New Action" leaves Edit Action available for "None" to blank screen

Describe the bug:

  • When “Create a new action” for a component (this example is a button for a button row), if you click “Cancel” when the action editor comes up, the action for the button defaults to “None” but “Edit Action” is still available and when clicked, goes to a blank action editor that you cannot exit natively.

Expected behavior:

  • “Edit Action” is invisible and unclickable

How to replicate:

  • Create component with action feature available, configure the action and go to “Create a new action”, click “Cancel” when the editor appears, go back to configure action and notice if it says “none” for action. Notice if “edit action” is still visible. Click “edit action” for “none”.

Link to demo recording (optional):

Please create a support ticket. Thank you!

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