Conditional Edit on a record

Drivers have a form to sign in and out, to mark the start and end time of their work shift.

Sign In → is done via a FORM

I have an inline list that shows all records where someone has signed in but Sign out is EMPTY
Sign OUT → click on the record in the above inline list to show details and then edit where I allow you add in some sig-out info (GPS location) and use special value to time stamp the sign-out time

Below the above inlist I have another inline list showing the history of sign-in and outs. This list is filtered by where Sign out is NOT EMPTY

My issue is that this list is behaving EXACTLY like the above and the user is able to edit the sign-out records. I have tried visibility, creating different tab, etc… but no luck

You probably using the show details screen for both cases… so it will be exactly the same… use options to hide or show elements depending on the sign-out column… also hide the edit option.

lol… sometimes you need someone to give you a slap for being stupid…

I was confused with your last sentence of “hide the edit” and then I went hunting and saw the light


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It happens to everybody :wink: