Hide/Show a record

Is it possible to apply visibility (show/hide) to a record in a list. That is, the record will only be visible under certain conditions?


You can also check out this playlist:

Do you mean a component on the detail screen or a specific item in a list? If it’s a component, then you can control that with visibility settings. If it’s a specific item in a list, then you can control that with filter settings on the list.

@Jeff_Hager Yes, l mean a specific item in a list.

Then I would just apply a filter to the list.

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Thank you @Jeff_Hager

We don’t think about it right away but it’s very simple. For those wondering… I created a Text column which I called HideShow. Then, to each record I wrote “s” for “show” and “h” for “hide”. Then I filtered with the HideShow column with “s” to show the records I want to display.

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