Condition for inline actions? Urgent

Hello everyone ,

I am creating an app and I only want signed in users to be able to edit the content - I have been able to do this for adding rows and items using this conditions user profile email is signed in user however when it comes to deleting rows/items I am struggling to make it work.

I attached a screenshot and from that screenshot it seems I can’t add a condition for inline actions. is there a work around this?

Also a second problem is that when I view as anyone although all the other actions are restricted if someone selects an item in the table for example APPL a non signed in user can backspace and delete an item in the table. How can I stop this from happening and only allow them to view the data?



Essentially I want the rows to only be editable by a signed in user and not ‘anyone’ for the add form It is possible but for ‘allow deleting rows’ and each item is editable there is nothing like that to add a condition. Please can someone help me. It is driving me furious as my app is basically done apart from this bug!!!

The data grid component doesn’t allow you to do that. There’s no workaround. You might have to use a collection layout. The title bar action of the data grid, however, does allow you to add conditions.

If your data grid allows people to delete rows, and anyone can view that component, then anyone can delete rows regardless of them having signed in or not.

If you still stick with data grid, you would have to have visibility conditions for two different data grid components. One that allows delete and only shows to people who are able to delete, and vice versa.

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You may want to consider two separate data grids. One with editing enabled, and one with editing disabled. Then conditionally show each grid based on the user’s signed in status.

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