Computed columns don't display correctly

I have computed columns that are static at the moment, yet when my app displays these the totals do not match.
The following images are whats displaying from data sheet, live app & opening the app via the app builder.

This seems like a case of row owners being put in place and making the data in the builder looks different from the data in the live app. Can you confirm?


Have you tried refreshing the app on mobile several times? Sometimes it is caused by delayed time.

I have not utilised row owners. I only use row ID for a unique ID.

I have opened my app to find the data has changed from the correct display to incorrect. this has happened several times now.

What column is to the left of your Ricer UID?

I Have deleted the original inline list and reapplied it. This is displaying correctly, but for how long? who knows?

Row ID

So you have two IDs right? Is it a problem if you only use one Row ID?

I’ve deleted the unessential ID and I still get the issue repeating.

This is really weird. Maybe @SantiagoPerez can explain.

You have 3 screenshots there, can you explain to me what’s different between the 2nd and 3rd one? I see Linda Palmer has the first one at 300, the second at 120 and the third at 220?

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Also, what’s your math? How are you calculating the numbers?


I have 3 races with total points allocated to place. I have relations to pull in those onto a leader board sheet. I have then added the points together via a maths column.

I’m having trouble seeing the issue. Do you have any more information you can share? Which column did you choose to show for your point value in you inline list? I see that you are using relations. Are you sure that your related tables do not have Row Owners applied anywhere? Just trying to look for something out of the ordinary, but nothing is jumping out.

Thanks for having a look Jeff.
I have avoided row owners like the plague due to my lack of understanding.
I’m happy to grant you access as a team member if you want to take a closer look.

Can you send an invitation to my email I will take a deeper look when I have time. Thanks!

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It might be stupid but can you confirm that your Math column (column with gathered points) is rendered in your card component (you can check it with the “Find all uses” property)?

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I’ll take a look