Inline list math columns are not correct in layout view

I have an inline list that has a math column adding up points from several other columns, and the totals show up perfect in the data view, but not the same or correct in the layout view. I tried reloading sheet and refreshing the URL but no luck. Any ideas?

Can you show us some screenshots?

Here you can see the data view on the left and layout view on the right. The numbers are not the same.

Do you have any filters for that screen?

Yes, but it doesn’t affect this view. I just tried taking it out, and it is the same.

Are you using Row Owners? In the app, you may be filtering out more rows than in the editor.

Oh I see, there are row owners on the records that are the source for these point roll ups. Darn, this is a problem because I need to protect those records via row owners, but I need to show the point rollups across all users to do these leaderboards.

Is there a work around? Basically I have two tabs where users add records and they get a point per record they submit. I have those protected by row owner so that for the inline lists that allow them edit or delete submissions they are secure. But I rollup with a count these entries to get a point count, and on the learder board I need to show all the users in the system and their total points. How can I do this?

What if you were to replicate the data you need from the source sheets into another sheet, and do your rollups from that? You could use a query formula to replicate just the columns that you need.

Probably not the most elegant solution, but I think it would work.

Yes, I was just thinking about that! I do think that would work. It will take some time to remap all my relations to the mirrored tabs, but I think I could do that.