Math data not displaying

Hi, i’m experiencing problems displaying math data in the layout.

Data →
column 1: number
column 2: number
column 3: math (number/number)

Layout →
Text or an other output ive tried (richt text, basic table, …):
Column 1 data = OK
Column 2 data = OK
Column 3 data = The whole text section (or table,…) is not showing

Any idea why this is happening?

Are you using Row Owners anywhere?
Can you provide a screenshot of the Data Editor that shows the 3 columns?
What do you see when you click on the “Data” tab in the Layout view? (see below)

Not using rown owners at the moment.

Column 1:

Column 2 ,3 in same order as described above.

Your first column is an array. It shouldn’t be possible to use that in a Math column.
Can you show how your Math column is configured please?

The array is automatically formed by Glide itself. I can’t split it up for some reason.
In my google sheets it shows correctly in different columns.

PS: The data tab shows the correct answer.

Okay, I’m beginning to get the picture.
I’m guessing that the source of the table is a Google Sheet, yes?
And you have a series of columns named IGA Amount 1, IGA Amount 2, IGA Amount 3, etc… yes?
Glide automatically converts those into an array column.
What your math column is doing is using the value in the very first of those columns.

Let’s take a step back for a second…

Is your intention to use the very first value in the calculation?
Or (as I suspect) do you want to use the sum of all the IGA Amount columns?

Yes you understand correct :slight_smile:

My intention are also correct, i’m working with IGA amount 1 in this example.
I have a math column for every IGA amount X column.

okay, I see.
hmm, I can’t think why that wouldn’t be visible. If the math column returns a result, and you have no row owners or filters applied, then it should show up.

What happens if you combine all 3 values using a template column, and then display that in a text component?

To test I made 4 text components and 2 templates.

template test 3c = column 1 space column 2 space column 3
template test 2c = column 1 space column 2

Text components:
text comp 1: template test 3c
text comp 2: templates test 2c
text comp 3: Column 1
text comp 4: Column 2


Only text comp 3 & 4 are showing.

Okay, I’m stumped at the moment. There must be something that I’m missing. Maybe somebody else will take a look and see what I’m not seeing…

Can you make the app copyable or invite to your team which contains this app or a copy of it so I can look further into it? Thank you.

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Hi Darren/ThinhDinh,
As i opened the app today all the data is showing correctly.
Maybe there was an update overnight? No idea what else could have done the trick.

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Please let us know if you run into this problem again in the future. Have a nice day!

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