Components updating after a user action

Hi guys!

I am building a nutrition program app. I would like my users to be able to press a “Start my program” button, in order for me to activate a daily email campaign.
When they press that button on the app home page, I also would like to the content of the page to change.

I have set the components this way thanks to the visibility functions, but the time to refresh the database and then update the content is taking too long … from a user experience, you don’t have a real-time update of the page so it can be confusing.

I was wondering if it is a setup issue, or if you guys know that If I upgrade to the “Basic app” plan, then the database refresh is faster and then the components of the page will be updated real-time.

Thanks for your support guys :slight_smile:

From what you’ve described, it sounds like you are waiting for changes to sync with a Google Sheet, and that’s probably what’s causing the delay.

I would probably do something like this:

  • In your User Profile table, create a boolean column - call it something like “Program Started”
  • Use this column to drive your component visibility - it will be either “true” or “not true”
  • When the user taps the button to “Start their Program”, change the state of that button to true

With this approach, the change should be instant.
Note that if you’re not using Row Owners on your User Profiles table, you’ll need to filter your screen (“where email is signed in user”) to ensure that you’re updating the correct row.

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Thanks a lot @Darren_Murphy for the suggestion!

I have currently used a button and linked it to a zap integration to update the googlesheet.
I can see that the zap is updating the googlesheet real time, but then Glide is not updating the screen based on the new database info real time.

Do you think if, instead of using a button I use a boolean column it would work better?
By boolean column do you mean using a switch component instead of a button right?

Thanks a lot!

Absolutely. Anytime you’re waiting for the Google sheet to update and sync back to Glide there will always be a delay.

No, you can still use a button. But the action on that button should do a Set Columns to change the Boolean to true

Then you can set your component visibility to only show when that column is true

As I said, it should be instant.

@Darren_Murphy You made my day!!! It worked :slight_smile: amazing thanks a lot!!!

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