Medley of Questions

  1. Is there a button or something I can place in the app to force it to do a data refresh?

  2. When I am displaying a website URL. It behaves a little weird. It doesn’t load the URL immediately, and then sometimes instead of displaying the URL itself, it will show the meta title of the URL. What causes this?

The answer to your first question is no. This is because Glide has their own refreshing rate.

In the Free tier, the app refreshes when a change is made, barring any formulas or other holdups in your sheet that that may slow it down. Even then, Glide can take up to 2-3 minutes to refresh.

In the Pro tier, the app refreshes when a change is made AND in the background, regardless of formulas or other hold-ups in your sheet.

As for question 2. For URL’s you should be putting a Link Component on your page. You then have an option to either display that actual link text or just the text that is the column Title.

Thank you gents. I do have a pro account and didn’t realize there was a setting I needed to enable to ask it to do background refreshes. I’ve enabled that.

I see the setting now on the display George and have fixed that as well. Much better :slight_smile:

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Since you have a pro account it doesn’t really matter, but some people have had success by using a switch component on a screen to force an update to the sheet. As @Carlos_DeSilva said, the app will update almost immediately after some sort of input to the sheet.