Component not working individual

Why if component added or deleted in menu, why it create copy in all. I have a menu with Date, N, D1 and Q, If i add a Infine list component, the component automatically add in all the menu, and if i change or delete it does for all. Whats going wrong. Any suggestion or help. Thanks

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That’s how it’s supposed to work. When you changed the details for an item in a list, it changes for all items in that list. Imagine if you had a 1000 list items and you wanted each item to have the same layout design, but show the data that pertains to the specific row you chose. Would you prefer to configure the details screen for each and every one of those 1000 items, or would you rather do it once since all items come from the same source table? What if a user adds 1000 more rows? Then you would want all of those new rows to have the same detail design without you having to go in and configure each detail screen yourself.

However, if you are confident that you will only have a few menu items in your menu table and it will not change often, then you can turn on independent screen configuration for you menu list. Just be aware that you will have to configure the detail screen for each menu item independently, and if you add a new menu item, you will have to go back into the builder to design that screen as well.


Thanks it work

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