Component not displayed when data filtered are empty

Hi !

I’m building a Glide Page where I display a calendar component.

I’m filtering the data that should be displayed in that calendar. Depending on the user who is connected, it can happen that no data match the filter.

In that case, the calendar component doesn’t appear on the page while I expect to see an empty calendar (no event in the calendar).

Do you see any easy way to fix that problem ?


You can add a simple text field to say “the calendar is empty” when the contents of the calendar are empty for a user.

Hi ! Thanks for the suggestion.

I also had that option in mind but I would have preferred to show the empty calendar if possible. No other workaround ?

Can you show screenshots showing how the screen is configured, how the component is configured, which table your screen uses, which table you calendar component uses, and how your filter is set up?

I can’t seem to reproduce this. The only thing that I can guess is that you have a visibility condition set instead of a filter.

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Yes, sure, here is a screenshot :

As you can see, there is no visibility condition set, only filters. I can provide additional screenshots if needed.

When I add a record that matches the filter conditions, the calendar component appears on the page.

Thanks for your help

That’s weird, I can’t seem to replicate that on my end. Can you show us the setting on the “General” tab as well?

Yeah, I’ve tried a few things, but the calendar always shows for me, even with row owners and filters that lead to no matching rows.

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That’s strange, indeed. But that gives me hope. If you can’t reproduce it, it probably means there is something wrongly configured on my end.

Here is the general tab :

I can duplicate the app to give you an access but it will take a bit of time since I need to anonymize/remove the production data. What do you think ?


Oh, so you’re saying that the whole tab disappears. Not just the calendar component. That would be the issue. Is there a reason you have a visibility condition on the tab?

No, it’s not the whole tab, it’s only the calendar component that doesn’t appear when there are no records matching the conditions of the filters.

I’ve added a separator component and it’s well visible.

I just showed the general tab setting as asked by @ThinhDinh

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OK, yeah I see that now. I think I got confused because I saw the tab visibility settings and one screenshot showed the tabs on the side while the other one showed the tabs on the bottom.

I think @ThinhDinh may have been referring to the General tab for the Collection component. I tried again and still can’t seem to reproduce. If you can show the General and Actions tabs for the calendar component, then I can check to see if I’m trying the same things. Otherwise we may have you create a ticket.

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Yeah, I did mean to ask for this. I was trying to see if there are any misconfigurations specific to that Calendar component (i.e missing start time/end time etc)

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Here are the screenshots of the 3 tabs related to the calendar component.

Note that if I allow users to add events or edit events, the calendar does appear. That may be the reason why you can’t reproduce the same issue on your side.

Thanks again for the help