Calendar component - Use screen values to filter a separate list?


Tricky to describe what I am doing here - so an example is best!

For a project I have in mind, I’d like to have a monthly calendar component shown, with a list next to it with all the entries just for that month. So as I flick through the months, only that months entries are shown.

Have tried filtering using the screen value, but can’t get that to work,

Does anyone know if it is possible?


Thanks Glide AI -

Keen to hear from someone more knowledgable (no offence) - but I don’t think the calendar component gives screen values for the currently displayed month. If it does - I can’t find it anywhere

That’s an interesting concept, however it wouldn’t be possible as the “Calendar Month” you flick through doesn’t get written anywhere in your database to be used as a filter. I like your idea though.