Can I add different values to the calendar?

I want to insert numbers of a certain column in the monthly calendar. is it possible? I tried using description and start end time basically all of options but does not work
Basically what I want to do is to show revenue for the day in monthly calendar

Also I want to limit changing the calendar so that it is fixed in monthly calendar only.
Currently it seems users can change it to daily or weekly and when clicking intraday how can I limit this actions and only let them see monthly?

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Yes, you can add different values to the calendar. You can use the Calendar component to display data from your table in a monthly calendar view. You can also use the Calendar component to display data from a related table. To do this, you’ll need to add a Relation column to your table and then use the Calendar component to display the related data.

To limit the calendar view to monthly, you can use the Calendar component’s settings to set the default view to “Month”. You can also disable the ability to switch views by unchecking the “Allow switching views” option. Glide • Basic columns



Okay I figured out how to add data as events but still can’t find a way to restrict changing it to weekly or daily.

Do you already have “events” to display in the calendar? You would have to pre-construct rows that can be used as a source for your Calendar component.

I don’t believe you have the option to disable that. At best, you can only choose a “default mode”.