Completely delete submissions

I went in and deleted all of the responses from my app, yet when I “share” it with others, the point totals show up again. How can I completely delete the submissions so that we have a “fresh start”?

How are you calculating your points total? Can you share some screenshots of your setup?

Your link only works for the support team, and it’s ok if you don’t want to share screenshots or a video due to private data. In which case, please submit it to the support team instead.

Well, I deleted the submissions but now when I click on “Award Points”, no points are added. I am feeling stupid and frustrated and I don’t even know what exactly I should screenshot and post.

What do “award points” mean in your app, and how are you calculating it? How do they relate to submissions?

I assume you’re using my House Points app from last year? Deleting the submissions should certainly reset the points.

I just revisited my template and it looks like some changes made to Glide might have caused my template to behave strangely. DM me and I’ll give you a link to book a time with me for free to troubleshoot.

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We have four houses” at my school and when a student does something showing a positive character trait, a teacher can access the app, tap “award point” and it is added to the response spreadsheet. Now, though, nothing is added to the response sheet when the button is tapped.