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Hi, I often rely on the “latest” list to see what is trending and to see if I can offer any help – I’ve been offered help more than a few times while I was learning Glide (yes, and of course, I continue to learn!).

What sometimes gets me wasting time is threads resurrected by the community ‘bot’ closing inactive threads – is there any way to keep those from showing up in the “lasted” category?

Here’s an example (I read through the entire thread before seeing it was ‘closed’)

The thread was:

I don’t think you can filter them out. What I do is look for two things — the little lock symbol (to indicate a thread is closed), and the Glide symbol (to indicate the last post was made by the bot). If I see those things, I ignore the post.


Thanks, I now see the lock, but not the Glide logo. I’ll look for the lock from now on. If it’s closed, no sense reading it unless it’s a “tip or trick”.

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