Community Challenge: Create a Glide University course (winners announced!) 🎓

UPDATE: Our winners are IN!

Congratulations to:

Your courses will be featured on Glide University, and I’ll be in touch about the prizes. :slight_smile:

A huge thank you to everyone who joined our first Glide University challenge.

We’ll have more of these coming soon, albeit probably not quite as big.

Creating a whole course is a lot of work. :sweat_smile:

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Original post for posterity:

Hello Gliders,

To celebrate the launch of Glide University, we have a new challenge for you:

Create and submit a course to Glide University.

You don’t need to be a Glide Expert, or even a Glide power user, to participate!

If you know how to do something in Glide, you can teach someone else.

We’re running this challenge for the entire month of August, so there’s plenty of time. :+1:

Criteria :white_check_mark:

  • New and original courses – don’t just repackage existing content
  • Topics can range from beginner to advanced; it’s up to you!
  • Courses can be in any language
  • Course submissions will be reviewed & judged by the Glide team

To enter :inbox_tray:

  1. Sign up for your Course Creator profile
  2. Log into the Course Creator app to submit your course
  3. Follow the course creator guidelines listed in the Course Creator app

The prizes :trophy:

  • Five $500 Visa virtual gift cards
  • Winners + entries showcased on the Glide blog
  • Challenge badge for all participants who have a forum profile

Deadline :alarm_clock:

  • Friday, September 1st at 12am EST

There’s no limit on the number of courses you submit.

If you need inspiration, check out some of these stellar Glide University courses:

We can’t wait to see what you build! :raised_hands:


I may be missing something here, but what’s creator kit?

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When we were brainstorming potential rewards, we talked about helping winners upgrade their setup for course creation, i.e. the hardware and software. In other words, their creator kit. :slight_smile:

That could be new lighting, a new webcam, maybe some new app for recording and editing tutorials.

Not knowing what people would need, we settled on the $ equivalent in Visa gift cards.

I’ve removed the reference to avoid confusion. :+1:



Im looking forward to this - I began working on something last month but 2+ weeks of travel prevented me from making the deadline. Now I can just turn it into a class instead. :grinning:


@NoCodeAndy can you please elaborate on the difference between a course and a lesson and which needs to be submitted for this contest.

The documentation indicates a course but when I read further it looks like a lesson can stand on its own so I’m just trying to be clear.


We’re looking for courses on this one, rather than standalone lessons. :+1:


To clarify: All languages are accepted. I’ve updated the announcement to reflect that. :+1:


Please let me know if a language you need is missing, I’ll add it!


Hello to everyone from Croatia ! I accept the challenge, so I signed up to the Course Creator application to submit my course. I would like to make a course in Croatian. Can you please add Croatian to the language options?

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Please add the Croatian language :croatia:



Cool! :fire: Thanks team for keeping these kind of challenges! These are really great! :raised_hands:

Andy, have 2 questions.

  1. Does Sinhala language is accepted? If all languages are accepted how you guys judge them?

  2. Is there any limit on the duration of the video?

Thank you and Have a great day!

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Hey @Dilon_Perera,

We can add new languages on request (cc @Cait).

If there’s a course being created for them, we’ll add them. :slight_smile:

You’ll find all the guidelines in the Course Creator app after you’re granted access:

  1. Sign up for your Course Creator profile
  2. Log into the Course Creator app to submit your course
  3. Follow the course creator guidelines listed in the Course Creator app

I hope that helps!


Sinhala added!


Hi @NoCodeAndy, it would be great if there was a detailed comprehensive course on what you can do (and not do) with Glide’s features about APIs :100:

For non-coders, all this “get, call, json, etc” stuff isn’t very clear :slight_smile:

Maybe if it were better understood, a lot of use cases would appear…


New Course Available!


Just over one week left in the competition! I can’t wait to see what courses you all submit to the challenge :brain:

Big thanks to @Robert_Petitto for the Call API + JSON course – way to set the bar!

If you’re building a course, let us know what topic you chose :nerd_face: