Comments. Needs a better tutorial

Hey, comments is the only thing I don’t understand and I’ve done almost everything so far. Saved it to almost last. It’s very unclear even though I used my best glasses and zoomed in on the fuzzy gifs and saw what they meant.
It’s a bug because I’m doing everything it says but there appears no comments tab and there shows no comments, and I need to constantly confirm my name as “new user” before writing a comment.
The only time it worked in the past was in an unrealistic situation when I tried adding it on a personal user profile (where in reality it would be only one person viewing it). There I had user’s email as topic.

So either something isnt working right or it needs to be more explainations :slight_smile:
Cheers, and thank you!

What I really want it to be able to let people comment on “my instagram” when a post is clicked, just like instagram.

Now it worked somehow when I made it public and logged in on my third user from phone. Still doesnt work to comment from computer.

Ain’t “date” a good topic since it never comes an identical one if it also takes “time” into account?

Does the date you are using for a topic ever change or does it stay the same once the row is created? If it changes, it will be recognized as a new topic. Maybe using a date is causing a weird issue. I would recommend using RowID or Unique ID instead.

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