Comments component doesn't show new comments till go to other screen

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Describe the bug:
Comments component doesn’t show new comment after posting.

Expected Behaviour:
New comment should be shown immediately

How to replicate:
Add comments component with topic in glide table and try to comment


It seems like a display issue since it loads when you come back to that screen the second time, is that correct?

Send comment - nothing. Go back or to another screen, and then return - here is.

There are Glide Tables too. May be that is the key.
Will test it in detail soon

I believe this may be a symptom of a larger bug. Sorting lists also seems to require a manual refresh in some way. In my case I always select “Favorites” & then go back to the main list after I’ve selected a new Sort option.

I believe it’s a larger bug, that also includes the non-recomputing behaviour of inline lists when you do it like this:

  • Use a choice component to write a choice to a user-specific column.
  • Use that choice to make a relation and populate a single inline list on the screen.

When you change the choice, it doesn’t always lead to a re-computing of the inline list, this issue does not always happen so it’s hard to reproduce it.

Might be something related to the computation model of on-screen components.

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Made some checks right now… On google sheets all the same in new apps

Comments don’t work in Chrome at all?

Glideapps hates Chrome? Or me? Or how to explain all my troubles:

It’s not a Chrome issue. I’m using Edge & I have the same issue, both on desktop/laptop & mobile device.

It’s another issue already reported.

I found something new.
Comments break on 'em Sort order.
Oldest first works ok. But when I select Newest first, all comments disappear

That’s super weird…

Please submit a ticket here.