Comments and an inline list deleted without my action

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I am very distressed about this one-it’s serious to have components just disappear. I have had comments and an inline list of “other posts by”, at the bottom of a post details page since I made the app over 6 weeks ago and this morning they are gone. There is evidence of comments made on such posts in the comments tab of the sheet. I don’t have any way to prove the inline list of “other posts by company” were there except to tell you that I am 100% certain and this was reported by a user who noticed they’re missing. I need to set these back up now but also need to understand how this happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Kindly let me know how I can help. Thanks!

Do you use row id’s for your relations and comments topics? Just wondering if the value you used for the comments and relation for the inline list may have changed. Just a shot in the dark. Doesn’t explain an inline list component disappearing.

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Yup, I have rowid enabled almost everywhere as a best practice for list items. When I put the comments component back in the page, the comments appeared since they were still in the sheet. I don’t think anything got mixed up - it was the components that went missing! :no_mouth: There is no relation for the inline list, it’s just other posts by the company with a filter to filter out the post on the current screen from the list.

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