Comment Names


I have comments set up, but it uses the same name for both even though I have two different names for each user. There are two different users commenting, but they have the same name, as you can see here:


Also, can comments be deleted by the user who wrote them?

I believe that comments just uses the name from the User Profiles table.
So if you have two users called “Jen”, then that’s all you’ll see.
You probably need to ask your users to enter their full name in their profile.

As far as I’m aware, the only way to delete comments is via the builder. So no, users cannot delete their own comments.

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That’s the thing, there is no name attached there. just email. I thought it was also taking from the names fro the master sheet.

Okay, that’s odd.

Are the comments being added via the app?

How do they appear in your App: Comments sheet?

Yes, maybe its taking it from my email profile? Funny it can go that specific, especially because one isnt a gmail email. That’s the only place that has my name entered before hand, other than the master sheet.

If you look in the App: Comments sheet, it should be immediately obvious.

Yes the names are there, but I don’t know where Glide is getting them from.

There should also be an email address in that sheet.
Do all 3 comments appear with the same email address?
And does that email address correspond to a row in your User Profiles sheet?

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There are two different emails used in the comments, it’s shown that way in the comments sheet as well. Both emails are in the user profiles sheet, but there is no names in the name column. It’s blank.

mmm okay, I can’t explain that. It might be some sort of funky default behaviour that happens when there is no name. I’d need to do some testing to try and figure it out.

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Would there be an alternative to comments? I would like for users to have the ability to delete their comments as well. I am using comments for a chat function. The chat is initiated with a form and then continues with the comments.

I guess the alternative would be to either build your own comments functionality, or look at one of the chat templates that others have shared.

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Ok will take look.

Hi Darren, do you know where the avatars come from?

In a comments component?

Based on what I see in my own apps, it appears:

  • If the user has a profile pic set, then that is used
  • If no profile pic, then it uses the first letter of their name
  • If no name, then my guess is it might be blank (all of my users have names, so I’ve never seen that)

Yes, Im seeing that now, can a lookup be used for the avatar and name in user profiles? I added one but its not showing up as an option.

No, I don’t think so.
You need to specify those columns when you set up User Profiles, and as far as I know they cannot be computed columns.

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Got it. Thanks!

What if I made a Goolge Sheet formula to pull in that info? Would it pick up on that?

um, can you explain your situation a little more?

I guess my immediate question is - why isn’t this data already in your User Profiles sheet?
If you’re wanting to pull it from another table, then something seems to be fundamentally wrong with your setup.