Comments Component - Bypassing Name Entry


I noticed that when using the comments component, it asks the user to add his name in a new screen. This makes the UX pretty awkward and I’m concerned that it will de-motivate the users from leaving comments.

Is it possible to bypass this requirement? Or perhaps is it possible to automatically fill the user’s profile name instead of asking the user to enter his name?


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This feature cannot be bypassed.

If your user already has a name in their profile, then they won’t be prompted to enter the name.

Not sure about that - all my users are named users and they were asked for their name (unless I have done something wrong). But it seems like it only happens once, then you can continue commenting without adding your name each time?

Can you share screenshot of your user table and user profile screen?

Does this only happen if your users are not signed in?

They have to sign in to use the app so no. But they only get asked for their name the first time they try to chat, after that it remembers them. I tried to send a screen shot to Hassan above but it bounced, will try again today.

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I can reproduce the bug.

Asks for the name even though my user had a name.


Your user sheet is set up correctly.

Must be a bug then.

I’m not sure if that is considered a feature by Glide, but if you think it’s a bug then please submit a ticket here. Thank you!

I’m not sure either. As it only happens once at the beginning I don’t think it’s such a big deal (though will probs happen after clearing cookies/cache, I haven’t checked that).

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It seems the bug is still there. I have a Name column in the users table, they are logged in, yet the name is asked.