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When Sign In screen ask name, “What’s your name ?”, I enter my name. But after Signed In, anywhere it is not appeared. Two screen shots are attached for better understanding. Kindly tell me the purpose of entering name. First is with white background and second one is with blue background.

When I asked this last year I believe the answer I received was “security reasons”, but I still don’t know how it’s done by the system.

And yeah, apparently you can’t use this “name” variable anywhere else. It’s not something that is stored in your database.

@ThinhDinh The data which are not in use why system should ask to enter ? Not only that, it is compulsory to enter.

To me it seems like there is a bug somewhere. Sometimes it asks for a name and sometimes it doesn’t.

I know that the Chat tab and the Comments component both require a name, and it makes sense, in these cases, for the app to ask for a name in this way. But, I’ve had cases where I don’t have chat or comments and the app still asks for a name when signing in.

I’ve never been able to figure out a pattern. I know the Chat tab and the Comments component both require a name and ask for it this way, which makes complete sense, but when you don’t use chat or comments, then why ask for a name.

It seems like a setting to require name is getting set to ON somehow with no way to set it OFF. I haven’t been able to figure out the trigger. It just feels random when some apps ask for a name when signing in and some apps don’t.

I noticed that when I use the Sign-in action button from a table that is not the users table it askes for “name”.
regular signing doesn’t .

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But the point is the detail which is not useful in any further processes and even entered value is not stored anywhere, why system is expecting to enter ? though there is no usage of entered value, the field is compulsory.

@Jeff_Hager In this cases, I think system should ask to enter the name when Chat and Comment components are used in the app and may be at the time of entering in Chat and/or Comment window.

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Is there any updates for my “Sign In Screen” query ? Please let me know.

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As I received the reply from @George-Glide , I am closing this query by selecting the Solution check box with expectation as soon as possible my query will be addressed by Glide.

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