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I have a master sheet that has all of the businesses data already, so when a business signs in they do not need to fill out a profile. The user profile sheet captures their email address they sign in with and a Row ID.

If I can somehow pull over their name and featured image from the master sheet to the user profile sheet, that may work.

Okay, I get it.

Yeah, I think that would probably work. Just set it up in a similar that we did with your Public sheet.

I guess the problem is, if you allow them to edit their profile, then things will get messed up pretty quickly.
In fact, if you’re using ARRAYFORMULA’s to bring the data across, then the first time a user edits their name or profile pic, the formulas will break.

So you’d either need to keep those two columns read-only, or re-think your approach.

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Ok thanks!

Wasn’t there another formula and changes the copied data when it’s altered?

I think this was it:
={“Name of Business”;ARRAYFORMULA(IF(‘Name fo Sheet’!E2:E="","",‘Name of Sheet’!E2:E))}

This formula changes when the orginal data is altered correct?