Columns aren't loading - Spinning wheel of death

Hi Gliders! I’ve been dealing with some strange behaviour I can’t seem to resolve. Suddenly, a number of columns aren’t loading data or calculating anymore. They have a constant loading spinner. Weirdly, it’s not just one type of column either, I’m seeing it with Rollup, IF Then Else and Lookups.

I’ve tried clearing cache, different browsers etc but with no luck. Has anyone come across this issue before?

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 10.21.14 am

Update: Interestingly, when I try to edit a column that isn’t working, it blanks everything out and gives no options:

WHat happens if you scroll SLOWLY all the way to the bottom of the table?

The spinning wheels are loaded in every cell of the column as I slowly scroll, so no staggered load we usually see with the API column for example.

It happens to me from time to time, especially when I use prompts from OpenAI, and I modify the column name or a variable name, and then it starts working again.

I’m guessing this is a cache-related issue given it resets when the name is changed. Interestingly, the issue also resolved when I logged out and back into Glide. Thanks for your insight!


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