Javascript columns are broken

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:

  • My Javascript columns aren’t loading. They have a loader in the data column and the app crashes without them.

Expected behavior:

  • The values should be calculated like before.

How to replicate:

  • Any screen where a javascript column is used crashes immediately.

Side note: JavaScript is complete overkill for the use case shown in your screenshot. A simple if-then-else column would do the job.

I know, I showed the easiest ones I have but there are more complicated ones in the app, the use case here used to be different and I haven’t bothered changing it to a if else yet.
These just showcase that easy examples don’t work, and it’s not a while loop in the code or something.

I’m away from my computer at the moment, so I can’t check any of mine. But I will as soon as I can.

I just checked a few of mine (including some relatively complex ones that process thousands of rows) and I can’t see any problems.

I wonder if there is something else in your App that is causing issues?
Is it only JavaScript columns that are spinning?
What other computed columns do you have in that table, and how many rows are there?
What happens if you create a single row table and test a simple JavaScript column in that table?

I’ll do that right away

FYI I’m getting a huge amount of JS errors here:

This is just devtools on the data page.

Nope, 1 row. Keeps spinning.

Given those console errors (I see warnings, but no errors), it might be that you have a dirty cache.
I’d try emptying your browser cache and probably delete any Glide related cookies while you are at it.
That might do the trick.

You were right, all my users have to do the same probably, they are reporting the same issue.
The data is being processed now, and deploying didn’t automatically fix the issue on my phone.
Clearing cookies on my phone fixed it there.
Time to send some emails :slight_smile:


Excellent! :+1:

Nevermind, after 1 page refresh the issue is back :frowning:

Ouch :frowning:

hmm, my guess would be that some recent change that you’ve made might have triggered something nasty. Were you working in the builder when this started? And if yes, do you recall what you might have added or changed?

Even if that’s the case, it would probably still be considered a bug. Which Plan are you on?

And now it looks to be fully gone.
A few refreshes and cookie resets did the trick it looks like.

No, I didn’t change anything in the last 2 weeks. It just stopped working yesterday.

Sam problem. Javascript just stopped working and will not fill columns with data being extracted from a fetchJSON column.

So it’s the JavaScript column that’s not working, and the input is from a fetchJSON column? Does it return any error on the column view?