Column not showing in my form container

Very beginner here!
I created a new table in my data sources.
I then added a Form Container as a component, which automatically picked up my new table and columns… except that it shows only 5 of my 6 columns! And I have no idea why and how to add that 6th column (“Bid”). Am I missing something?
Thank you

You can customize the form. Add another component if you are missing one.

But that’s the thing, I do not seem to be able to customise the form. I can’t add or remove column. Or I can’t see where to do it.

I am on the free trial by the way. Are there limitations there?

You add components on the left hand side of the screen. Nothing is stopping you from adding an entry component. The stuff on the right hand side is for filling certain values without user input using entry components.

Got it. Awesome. Thanks a lot Jeff!

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