Form container

Form containers only allows 4 lines i need 9 or 10 before submit is it possible

What do you mean by “only allows 4 lines”? I think you can add as many entry components as you want in a form container.

As you can see iv added things on left hand side to go into the form on the right and it doesn’t show ?.


You mean the 2 choice components are not showing right? Have you pointed them to a valid column to store the chosen value?

Iv added another 2 but still need 2 more which won’t let me which is SG and notes

Hi @geordiep,

You can add that components inside the container!

Like this : form container add components.mp4 - Google Drive

Thank you

You should drag them into the form. It seems like they are outside of the container.

Thank you for your reply

You’ll save some time with your screenshots if you use the keyboard Print Screen button to capture the entire screen, or Alt+Print Screen to capture the active window, or use the Windows Snipping Tool to capture a portion of the screen by drawing a box.

The you can simply paste the image into the forum from your clipboard.