Input layout design

I’m doing a form for a requisition form.
A choice button to select an item from inventory and a quantity button to state how much is being requested.

Is there an easy way for me to get them on the same row (2 components [choice and quantity] on the same row) ?

Thanks @Jeff_Hager

…but I think I may be having a slow day… it seems intuitive but I’m not getting the columns, it is displaying it as rows

It can be dependent on the width of the screen. For example, mobile view will always stack components on top of each other regardless of how the contain is configured. I also think it’s mostly useful when not using the overlay or slide in because they are too narrow for the the contain to be useful. I’m not sure what I’m missing. From what I can see, it looks like it should work, but there may be some details off screen that I’m missing.

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Thanks Jeff.

You are correct. To get it to the format I wanted, I need to maximise the page in the desktop mode

It then works… BUT as I am trying to do this in a FORM (add or edit) those are displayed as smaller pop ups and hence it will then re-adjust to one component per row. Not what I wanted but I was able to use the container to then change the background colour (alternate) to make it more UI friendly.

Once again Thanks.

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You’re not required to use the Slide In or Overlay when using an Add or Edit Form. You can change the target of the form.


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Thanks. That works.

However, I may discovered a bug. Is there a known limit to the number of containers ?

I have 10 containers. Each container has 2 columns consisting of a choice component and quantity (number).

When I start to fill in the form. Everything is fine up to item 6, When I add in item 7, it seems to automatically insert a number into the quantity (seems to be picking it up from the description).

If i overwrite the quantity, it seems to blank out the choice I made.

If I continue with the prefilled (random) number, it does NOT save the quantity but it does save the choice that was made.

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Sounds like either your Choice component or your Quantity component isn’t pointing to the correct column. Double check which column each one is writing to.

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You are correct… dangers of copy and paste…


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